Here are the best travel guide recommendations for spring vacations this year!

spring vacations

Springtime may be a little different in many parts of the world. But when winter fades and the sun shines more, some destinations genuinely come to life. Many breathtaking tourist spots witness a drop in visitation between the winter and summer peak seasons. So, one may enjoy pleasant temperatures, lower prices, and fewer crowds during these shoulder seasons.

Check out these fantastic springtime getaways!

1. Bogotá

March is the best month to visit Bogotá. It is a beautiful location for spring, with its rich history, active culture, and delicious food. Bogotá is home to approximately ten million people! With an average temperature of roughly 70°F and a warm and tropical atmosphere, March is the hottest month in Bogota. Tourism is on the upswing, making spring the perfect time to plan the vacation.

2. Bali

March is the best month to visit Bali. March marks the start of the dry season in Bali and the Balinese New Year (Galungan), which begins on March 12. The celebrations typically extend a few weeks, culminating on March 31 with Nyepi, the day of quiet. From exotic rainforests to spa-like villas, there is something for everyone.

3. Fiji

The most OK months to visit Fiji are April and May. Divers travel from all over the world to explore the deep seas of Taveuni, and it’s all about the water in Fiji. The waters are world-class, on par with Thailand’s or the Great Barrier Reef’s. Snorkel with manta rays in the Yasawas, go game fishing for large mahi-mahi, or improve one’s wake-boarding skills. Relax on the beach or in a hammock beneath softly swaying coconut trees if one wants to enjoy the gentler aspects of life.

spring vacations

4. Japan

The best months to visit Japan are March to May. Cherry blossoms and vibrant festivals are synonymous with springtime in Japan. The sight of cherry blossoms, or sakura in Japanese, is so popular that it is called hanami.

5. Mexico’s Los Cabos

The most suitable months to visit are April to June. Los Cabos is a spring dream: breakers think endless bar crawls, magnificent coastline beauty, and springtime whale sightings in the Sea of Cortez. San José del Cabo, a posh resort town, and Cabos San Lucas, a coastal resort town, make up the area.

6. New Zealand

The best months to visit New Zealand are March to May. New Zealand’s harvest season runs from March to May, making it an ideal visit for wine lovers. Take a journey down to the South Island’s famed Central Otago wine region for stunning scenery and world-class pinot noir.

7. Rio de Janeiro

The best months to visit Rio are April to May. Carnival welcomes visitors from all over the world to Rio in February, and the city comes alive! However, hotel prices and airfares skyrocket in February, so plan the trip for April and May, when temperatures cool down to a pleasant 75°F during the day and around 60°F at night.

The world-class cuisine, beautiful botanical gardens, and beautiful beaches will not be missed! Take a journey to Florianopolis if one has time for more magnificent landscapes and local culture.

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